AquaCera Traveler™ 6L SS Gravity System


The Traveler™  gravity filter system is manufactured from polished stainless steel and holds up to 2 filter candles.  Choose between the CeraMetix®, and the QuickDrip™ filters, all systems are sold with 2 filters included. Also available with 2 Imperial CeraMetix®GF 7" filters. Slimline filters are 2" in diameter, Imperial sized filters are 2.75" in diameter and offer higher flow rates and longer life than the Slimline filters.

The Traveler™  is very easy to assemble, requiring no tools to set up. The upper chamber neatly nests into the lower chamber making for easy transport of the unit.

  • All systems include 2 filters
  • 6 Liter total capacity - Upper and Lower chamber combined
  • Easy to use
  • No power required
  • Ideal for emergency situations, camping, or everyday use at home


  • Assembled - 17.29" High x 7.27" Wide
  • Collapsed - 12.25" High x 7.27" Wide

Replacement Filters

  • Imperial Ceramic AMB GF 69
  • Aquametics GD 35
  • Chemix QD 35