At Seeking Health, we believe there is a fundamental step missing, almost 100% of the time, in today’s healthcare system. A consistent focus on treating symptoms, rather than building health, can mean that you cycle in and out of symptoms and “treatment” over and over, sometimes for years. The root cause for many health conditions and symptoms stems from ineffective digestion and poor diet, along with other issues like environmental exposures, sleep issues and even a lack of community.

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Sunlighten Saunas

Sunlighten was founded as a result of a personal healing experience with infrared therapy. For more than a decade, founder Jason Lincoln Jeffers suffered from chronic illness and relied on traditional medicine to manage his condition. It was only when he discovered infrared saunas that he truly began to heal. Jason founded Sunlight Saunas (now Sunlighten) in 1999 to make more people aware of the remarkable healing power of infrared that he personally experienced. Today the company continues to innovate even greater technologies with the goal of bringing products that empower wellness into homes and businesses around the world. 

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Walk-In Lab

Walk-In Lab's mission is to provide affordable direct-to-consumer testing, the convenient solution for all medical laboratory needs. Committed to operational excellence with an innovative approach, Walk-In Lab offers a wide array of lab tests with or without a physician's referral, empowering individuals to take control of health care costs while monitoring their overall health. We strive to provide superior customer service with a professionally-trained and dedicated staff. At Walk-In Lab, the patient comes first.

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Xtrema® pure ceramic cookware

Xtrema cookware is carefully designed and engineered to be safe to use at low and medium high temperatures, and safely free of toxic elements. It’s also dishwasher- and microwave-safe, with the versatility to be used on the stovetop, in any type of oven, in the fridge, and right on the dinner table. By improving the cooking and dining experience at every step, Xtrema® will easily become the only cookware you reach for—and the only cookware you’re proud to leave out on display.

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PureBiotics USA

For Personal Hygiene, Home & Office Cleaning, Auto Detailing, and Commercial/ Industrial application - Stabilized Probiotics by PureBiotics is the best long-term environment and surface protection solution. StaBiotics Work Down to the Microscopic Level.

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High Tech Health

The people at High Tech Health are pioneers of far infrared sauna technology, leading the industry with their low EMF design. Their detoxification products include the infrared sauna and advanced water electrolysis system. They are offering Healthy Exposure Living customers a $500 discount simply by mentioning Health Exposure or Darren Vigil when placing an order.

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