All Purpose Enzyme Cleaner

by Avir

Avir Natural Clean products are formulations of environmentally friendly enzymes and surfactants that thoroughly penetrate into surfaces, keeping them cleaner for longer periods of time than traditional cleansers. Overtime, the enzyme application will allow your surfaces to become virtually self-cleaning and deodorizing.

Each product works at the microscopic level by naturally decomposing dirt so that it can be easily rinsed away, and by accelerating the growth of friendly, beneficial bacteria that digest organic matter.
Avir Natural Clean Enzyme cleaners can be used virtually anywhere without fear of harming people, pets, or plants. Totally biodegradable, they leave no slippery residue and require no special equipment to apply.

Contrary to traditional harsh chemical cleansers which depend on acidity and causticity to leave a false sense of “clean.” In a sense, they only push dirt around rather than removing it. And their harsh chemistry is not only bad for the environment, it damages surfaces, shortens equipment life, and can be a health hazard too.