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Quick Overview

The 2000 Series (2000 CFM) unit is the most powerful HEPA system and is used only in conjunction with 5 ton HVAC units or larger. The 2000HS is a popular HEPA system for larger homes and occupied spaces. While it can be attached to a 5 ton or larger HVAC unit, this system is often used as a stand-alone system in the “S” configuration to move HEPA filtered air throughout a home or larger area.

Product Description

Introduced in 1999, the 2000HS Hepa Shield system represents one of the more powerful certified HEPA air filtration systems in our product line and is used in a wide variety of filtration applications around the world. The 2000HS unit utilizes a 1 HP GE (Genteq) ECM variable-speed motor rated at 120/240 volt, 50/60 Hz and provides over 2000 CFM of HEPA filtered air with finite control of volume and speed while using up to 50% less electricity than standard induction motors. The 2000HS units offer true 21st Century digital motor technology that is unavailable in any other system of its size.


Partial By-Pass, In-Line or Stand-Alone Configuration – “L” and “S” Versions
The 2000HS unit was designed to be used in a wide range of applications and installation configurations. Either the “L” or “S” versions can be attached to any forced air ducted heating/cooling system in the partial by-pass configuration; in-line in HVAC applications for the same air volume applications or stand-alone configurations. While the “L” version is most often used in partial by-pass configurations, the “S” unit can be used as well for situations where the “L” unit will not work. Either the “L” or “S” versions can be used for stand-alone applications.

Controllers for the 2000HS Plus Series Units – HVAC and VCU Controllers
The HVAC controller is most often used when the 2000HS unit (either “L” or “S”) is attached to a heating/cooling system in the partial by-pass configuration. The HVAC controller allows the 2000HS system fan unit to modulate (speed up and ramp down) in conjunction with the HVAC fan/motor operation. For applications where the 2000HS unit is used either in-line with an HVAC system or as a stand-alone unit, the VCU controller is utilized. The VCU controller allows for airflow speed control from 1% of volume to 100% of volume in 1% increments.

Split Housing Design for “L” Unit and Multiple Operations for “S” Unit Allows for Unlimited Installation Variations
The 2000HS “L” unit comes in two separate sections, the top half houses the three filters and the bottom half houses the blower/motor assembly and controller. The top and bottom are symmetrical so they can be rotated in any of four directions for best inlet or discharge configuration. This also allows for the best access to the filter section via the filer access door. The “S” unit is a single-piece unit that can be mounted horizontally right side up or upside down or in a vertical position.

Three-Stage Filtration
The 2000HS series, like all our systems, use a three-stage filtration process. Each unit includes a commercial-grade dual-layer polyester high capacity ring panel that is the first stage of filtration and is designed to remove the larger particles and protect the carbon and HEPA filter. The second stage is the 15lb carbon media that is designed to remove odors and gases. The final stage is the certified, commercial-grade, metal-framed HEPA filter rated initially at 99.99% at 0.3 microns.

All Carbon Option for Gas and Odor Absorption
For applications where the issue is primarily odors and/or specific gas reduction or removal, the 2000HS can be configured with all carbon media in-lieu of the HEPA. The “L” version will accommodate up to 45 lbs of carbon with one pre-filter and the “S” version will accommodate up to 65 lbs of carbon with one pre-filter.


Partial By-Pass Configuration HVAC
The 2000HS unit can be attached to a 5 ton or larger forced air ducted heating/cooling system in the partial by-pass configuration. Most 5 ton HVAC units move up to 2000 CFM of air and by using the 2000HS unit (which moves up to 2000 CFM of HEPA filtered air) we can deliver very efficient, very effective whole-house Hepa filtration. The partial by-pass configuration means there is no additional static load placed on the HVAC fan/motor and even in the by-pass configuration the 2000HS will provide up to 48 air changes in 24 hours in most homes and offices. The schematic below shows a typical by-pass configuration for the 2000HS (both “L” and “S” versions). The 2000HS can be used in this configuration for homes and small offices.

In-Line Configuration for HVAC
In situations where the 2000HS is being used with an HVAC unit and there is a requirement for 100% filtration all the time, the 2000HS can be installed in-line on 5 ton systems with the same air volume capacity of 2000 CFM. When used in this configuration an emergency by-pass damper and duct system are required to eliminate any static load issues with the HVAC fan/motor should the 2000HS unit shut down for any reason.

Stand-Alone Configuration – Filtration without HVAC
In situations where this is no forced air ducted HVAC unit, the 2000HS unit can be used as a stand-alone unit where you can mount it in an attic, false ceiling or basement area and run ductwork from it and to it and it will operate as an independent filtration/air moving system. The 2000HS unit could be used in this model in a home or office environment up to 2000 square feet.

Pressurize Home / Office – Introduction of Outside Filtered Fresh Air 
Whether the 2000HS unit is installed in the by-pass, in-line or stand-alone configuration small amounts of outside air can be introduced into the occupied space through the 2000HS unit. This allows for the introduction of filtered, outside air and can assist in both pressurizing the home or office eliminating the possibility of outside contaminants from entering the inside space. This can also help with reducing the levels of CO2.


  • Dimensions “L” Housing 25” Deep x 25” Wide x 42” High
  • Dimensions “S” Housing 25” Deep x 26” High x 48” Long
  • Construction: 16 gauge powder-coated steel
  • Connections: 14” Diameter Inlet and Discharge
  • Weight: 200 lbs (with filters)
  • CFM Rating: 1200 CFM ( With All Filters)
  • Electrical Requirements: 120 volts, 15 amp circuit
  • Motor: 3/4 HP ECM Variable Speed
  • 120/240 volt, 50/60 Hz
  • Energy Star Rated Motor
  • Filters: Polyester Ring Panel Prefilter
  • 15 lb Carbon Media (optional 2nd Carbon)
  • 99.99% Certified HEPA Filter
  • Controls: Lighted on/off switch, 15 Amp Breaker
  • Mini-Helic Filter Pressure Gauge
  • Controllers: HVAC Wiring Harness
  • VCU Digital Air Volume Controller
  • In Unit or Remote