BreatheCLEAN total home ultraviolet air purification system


The BreatheCLEAN air purifier utilizes Ultra Violet C light waves to kill molds that might be growing on the air-conditioning coils in your furnace, as well as molds, viruses and bacteria floating in the air in your home. Simply mount the BreatheCLEAN unit in the plenum chamber of your furnace. When the furnace fan is running, the ultra violet C light emitted from the unit kills unwanted airborne organisms as they pass by during normal air circulation.

There is no noise, and no moving parts to wear out. Maintenance consists of changing the ultra violet lamps annually. BreatheCLEAN is easy to install yourself, or we can arrange installation for you.

Room air purifiers treat only the room they are placed in, and only trap germs - not kill them. BreatheCLEAN treats your entire home, and virtually eliminates organisms that make you sick or affect your breathing.

For larger homes with more than one furnace, you will need to install one BreatheCLEAN per furnace system.

Kit Includes: 
1 - BreatheClean Unit 
2 - 16" Bulbs 
1 - Mounting Plate 
1 - Mounting Template 
1 - Installation Tool Kit

Unit Specifications: 
Dimensions 9¾" x 5¾" x 2" 
Voltage - 120vAC, 72 watts, 0.6 Amp 
Cord Length - 12 Feet 
Warranty - Five year on purifier

Item- 7200-105