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Our Team

Capt. Darren J. Vigil CIEC, ATP, Founder and CEO

Captain Darren J. Vigil is the Founder of HealthyExposure, Inc. and Co-Founder of HealthyExposure Construction, Inc.  Capt. Vigil has learned firsthand the importance of Sustainability and Health of our Planet, Our Homes and Our Lifestyles. Capt. Vigil has been a Leader and Visionary in this Field for over 20 years. Today, he approaches a Sustainable Lifestyle as the balance between the Environment you Live in, the Air you Breathe, the Food you Eat, and the Water you Drink.  Capt. Vigil was honored as a Nominee for the "2015 Hearthstone Builder Humanitarian Award” Capt. Vigil is Married for over 25 years and is a father of 5. He enjoys the outdoors, loves boating and watching football.  He is active with his church and community.

Jeff Fagerland  AMRT, WRT, RMT, RT  Director of Field Operations and Lead Craftsman

Jeff is the Co-Founder of Healthy Exposure Construction, Inc. and has over 24 years of experience in the construction industry. He brings a passion for sustainability, energy efficiency, indoor air quality and general green building practices to the Healthy Exposure Construction Team. Jeff is a highly skilled craftsman. Quality of work is of utmost importance in his hands-on approach to every project. 

Mark Jensen, Digital Rendering and Upscale Design

With a commercial illustration and design background, Mark focused his award winning skills to pursue his other passion, homes and architecture. Just over 10 years ago, he created and developed a new process of digital architectural rendering that changed the world of Exterior Design. After helping 700+ homeowners visualize their remodeling and new construction projects, his attention is now merging healthy, eco-friendly construction along with great design and functionality.

Rachel Nelson, Design Manager and Consultant

Rachel combines a passion for design with improving people’s health and quality of life. Her specialties include finding high quality, non-toxic materials and furnishings that won’t negatively impact indoor air quality, as well as maximizing functionality. She believes you never have to sacrifice your health for a well-designed space. Rachel enjoys working with people to create usable spaces they will truly enjoy, from restructuring rooms to finding the right color palette and lighting. She has an appreciation for all styles. Rachel is the Award winning Designer of our 2015 “Dream Home Award”