Garrett Juice Pro Mycorrhizae & Beneficial Bacteria Concentrate 1 gal.(Case of 4)


Case of 4: The Garrett Juice Pro takes the original formulation to new levels. Garrett Juice Pro can be used on all landscape plants, turf, herbs, vegetables, pastures and trees. It can be used in small gardens up to large acreage applications. It works in sprayers and spray equipment, drip irrigation systems, hose end sprayers and can be mixed for application with regular watering cans.

Seaweed Extract contains potassium and other minerals and nutrients plants need to help germination, increase flower and fruit yield, protect plants from frost, pests and diseases, and increase storage life of harvested fruits and vegetables. This 100% natural ingredient promotes the functions and structural integrity of all plants.

Molasses is an excellent quick acting source of food and energy for the various forms of microbes in the soil. It brings greater health to soils and plants by providing an excellent source of carbohy-
drates and trace minerals that stimulate the growth and populations of microorganisms. Molasses is also an excellent chelating agent, which means that it can help convert nutrients into a form that’s plant available.

Apple Cider Vinegar contains numerous important benefits required for optimal plant health, fertility, stress tolerance and vigor. It contains major nutrients and trace minerals as well as enzymes that help nutrients become more bio-available in the soil. Its low pH assists nutrients to enter the plant leaf via foliar feeding.

Beneficial Fungi (mycorrhizae) The Real Benefits
The word "Mycorrhiza" is given to a mutualistic association between a fungus (Myco) and the roots (rhiza) of the plants. This association is symbiotic because the relationship is advantageous for both organisms. Plants gain increased exploration of the soil that increase the uptake of water and nutrients from the soil. The Mycorrhizal fungi use the carbon provided by plants for physiological functions, growth and development.

  • Enhanced plant efficiency in absorbing water and nutrients from the soil.
  • Enhanced plant health and vigor, seedling growth, cuttings and transplant establishment.
  • Reduced fertility requirements by extracting phosphorus and nitrogen from the soil and making them available to plants. The additional nutrients allow plants to grow faster and stronger.
  • Increased drought resistance, reduced plant stress, increased resistance to insects and pathogens.
  • Reduced irrigation and water requirements.
  • Reduction and possibly elimination of use of harmful pesticides and other toxic chemicals.