AquaVas™ Stoneware Gravity System-(Back In Stock)

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Our AquaVas™ gravity filter is a handmade stoneware gravity filter.  The AquaVas™ holds 2 AquaCera® gravity filter elements in the upper chamber, and the lower reservoir holds 2 gallons of filtered water.   The upper chamber holds one gallon of water for filtering.  Available in an off-white glaze, or dark blue,  the AquaVas™ brings gravity filters back to their pottery origins in this unique and highly attractive alternative to stainless steel housings. 

The AquaVas™ is manufactured in the USA. Choose between the CeraMetix® 7", and the AquaMetix® QuickDrip filters.

Fully assembled the AquaVas™ measures 20” high with the lid in place. The diameter is 9.5” wide.