Amaircare Roomaid Small Room Air Purifier – 300 sq ft, 4.5 lbs



The Amaircare Roomaid is small but powerful unit that is perfect to use as a bedroom air purifier, desktop air purifier for office, in your apartment living room, hotel rooms, or any smaller room where you want to handle and resolve air quality issues. With its 3 stage filter, it is ready to handle airborne issues like pollen, dust, dust mites, and animal dander with a prefilter and true HEPA filter. It has a charcoal filter to handle fumes, odors, chemicals, and odors. There are 3 options to select from for the right small room air purifier configuration to fit your needs.

1) Roomaid Standard configuration

  • This configuration is more focused on airborne particulate and light odors.
  • Has a Prefilter, HEPA Filter, Inner Carbon Blanket

2) Roomaid with enhanced carbon for VOC

  • This configuration for heavy chemical and VOC’s along with air particulate.
  • Prefilter, HEPA Filter, 1.5 lbs activated VOC carbon canister

    You can add an optional auto adaptor and use this powerful yet quiet air purifier HEPA unit in your car.


    • Compact and lightweight so you can move around easily and use on a nightstand for a bedroom air purifier.
    • Use in the car with an optional auto adapter
    • Energy efficient with only 5 watts used
    • Snap-on filter housing design for easy filter maintenance
    • durable steel housing construction with thermoset powder finish for long term durability and no off-gassing
    • Formaldazorb carbon options available for serious levels of VOC/Chemical absorption
    • 3 position 2-speed adjustable speed
    • Limited 5-year manufacturer warranty.


    • Coverage Rating: 300 sq ft at 8 ft ceilings at 1 ACH (Air Changes per Hour)
    • Airflow: 20-40 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute)
    • Power Consumption:  5 W
    • Dimensions:  8.5″ Diameter x 7.5”H
    • Weight:  4.5 lbs.
    • Sound Level: 40-47 dBA at 6 foot
    • Control:  2 Speed Switch
    • Construction:  24 gauge steel housing, durable baked thermoset powder finish
    • Motor:  Backward curved impeller
    • Voltage:  115 volt
    • Cord/Plug:  7 foot long


    • Prefilter:
      • Replace 12 months in normal usage
    • HEPA Barrier
      • Change every 3-5 years in normal usage
    • Carbon Filter
      • Inner carbon blanket option every 4 months under normal use
      • VOC or Formaldezorb carbon cannister change every 12 months under normal usage


    • Roomaid Small Room Air Purifier
    • 12V DC to AC Power Cord
    • Spare Foam Prefilter
    • Roomaid Owner’s Manual
    • Optional Auto Adaptor if purchased